Our Doctors

Like you, we believe your healthcare provider should understand your culture. We have created a clinical team that is culturally competent to make sure you are heard and understood.

Terrell Smith, MD

Dr. Terrell Smith is a resident physician in Family Medicine doctor. Prior to joining Spora Health, Dr. Smith spent years training in pediatric care, public health, primary care, sports medicine, and rural health. 

About Terrell Smith, MD
Clinical Expertise:
Primary care family medicine

Resident Physician, family medicine

Training Institutions:
Penn State Eberly College of Science, University of Virginia School of Medicine, University of California School of Public Health, University of Virginia Family Medicine Residency Program

What he is most excited about to bring to Spora Health:
Providing patient centered care with a focus on culture and social determinants of health as a driver for equity in healthcare delivery.

Ask him about:
Hiking in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

You're most likely to find him:
Hiking with his dog or playing sports with friends and family.